Social Media Made me Cry

Well, not really. It made me feel quite sad, though. Sad, rejected, frustrated and pathetic.

Let me rewind.

I’d long been an enthusiastic user of Facebook, which allowed me to stay connected with valued friends inter-state and overseas. Although it caused me much chagrin from time to time, it also had handy features such as the ‘Hide’ option (your life will improve tenfold if you use this) and allowed me to create a home for all my travel photos (this home is now abandoned remember?).

Then came this blog. Rather, then came my desire to get into something ‘creative’ professionally. I needed a showcase for my writing and technological skills (I can hear you laughing!), and so WhichEverWay was born. Once I started writing, I realised it would be kinda nice if people actually read what I wrote. Or that I at least had the appearance of having a wide audience. Because, let’s face it, social media is all about keeping up appearances. You can buy fake Twitter followers for goodness sake!


Image by ivanpw

But I digress. As I strived for social media love in the way of ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and ‘shares’, I found myself descending into a deep, dark, hole where personal dignity and subtlety no longer existed. I needled, I hounded and I threw myself at the mercy of acquaintances who I hadn’t spoke to in years. While this meant I reconnected with some individuals, I also felt really, really pathetic at the knowledge I’d effectively pimped myself out.

The sadness and frustration came with my foray into all things Twitter. I simply did not understand its fast-paced, fickle world where everyone shouted their wares at the top of their lungs. What was a hashtag? How did one get followers? What was the point of it all? After several weeks of tweeting and 14 followers, I felt stagnant and unwanted. I was a social media reject.

It’s time to turn the microphone over to you: what do you think of social media? If I hear crickets, I guess I’ll know that at least I’m not overreacting…

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