Stop the Press! I’ve Found Denim Shorts I Can Wear!

Denim shorts and I have a bit of a funny relationship. They tend to terrify me with their shockingly small lengths and figure-hugging dimensions, so I’ve been limiting myself to their baggier, cotton cousins. But gosh how I’ve wished I could find a pair that both fit and didn’t make me feel like a prostitute. For years I’ve longed and searched in vain, feeling myself go hot in the face as I handed them back to fitting room attendants, embarrassed and disappointed at the same time.

Then it happened! I wasn’t even looking for them and bam! There, on the clothes rack, a pair of denim shorts that looked right up my alley! Simple blue denim design. No ragged edges, no unnecessary zips, no stone wash, no beading and no holes! Could it be true? I’d been deceived so many times! Dare I?


Ta da!

I did. Trying on the shorts in front of a body-length mirror, my heart swelled and then sang for joy as I twirled around. They fit! I felt comfortable in them and with how much thigh I was showing to the world. Oh the bliss!

In case you’re wondering, the shorts in question are called Libby True Boyfriend Short and can be purchased from Whistles.

Now I just need to work up the courage to wear the darned thing…

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